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03 - I Need A Man --- Foxy Brown.mp3 22:38:1303 - I Need A Man --- Foxy Bro0:01:45160S44
Ali G Indahouse - 11 - Foxy Brown Fe 16:45:29Ali G IndahouseFoxy Brown Feat. Spragga Benz2002ng
16FoxySoHot.xls 5.301.07.14 15:37:30Foxy BrownSo Hot Feat Young Gavin
01FoxyIntro.xls 10:54:22Foxy BrownBroken Silence0:02:40160S44
09FoxyHoodS.xls 5.401.07.13 12:45:15Foxy BrownHood Scriptures
12FoxyRunYo.xls 10:04:55Foxy BrownRun Yo Shit Feat Cnn
15FoxyIDont.xls 1.901.07.14 15:26:25Foxy BrownI Dont Care Feat Kori
05FoxyTheLe.xls 9.901.07.13 11:54:23Foxy BrownThe Letter Feat Ron Isley
03FoxyOhYea.xls 11:18:32Foxy BrownOh Yeah Feat Spragga Benz
13FoxyNaNaB.xls 10:11:48Foxy BrownNa Na Be Like
07FoxyCandy.xls 5.301.07.13 12:17:45Foxy BrownCandy Feat Kelis
14FoxyGangs.xls 10:20:40Foxy BrownGangsta Boogie
04FoxyB.k.xls 11:35:17Foxy BrownB.k.anthem
06Foxy730.xls 12:08:08Foxy Brown730
18FoxyBroke.xls 6.601.07.14 17:07:53Foxy BrownBroken Silence Feat Darius
02-foxy_brown_ft_jay_z-stylin_94bpm- 10:53:49Foxy Brown Ft Jay ZStylin 94bpmPuttin On The Hits 7-VinylRemix_Man
Sisqo Vs Foxy Brown Thong Song Remix 17:26:18Sisqo F. Foxy BrownThong Song (Remix)2000Nutty Professor 20:04:10128S44
Foxy Brown.mp3 13:36:56Foxy BrownOh Yeah2001http://ahhh.b4.to0:04:14128S44
Foxy Brown - Hot Spot.mp3 3.500.06.28 08:05:23Foxy BrownHot SpotMP3 laget av Kim H.0:03:39128S44
Foxy Brown.MP3 1.902.03.08 05:05:280:02:02128S44
Pds_download.asp?pk_id=3254&fileN=fo 3.303.09.15 10:23:13Foxy BrownLetter From The Firm0:03:26128S44
Touch.mp3 5.403.07.13 17:40:28Case F. Foxy BrownTouch Me, Tease Me1999Total Def Jama little old skool for y'all.
Foxy_brown.mp3 3.303.09.15 10:23:13Foxy BrownLetter From The Firm0:03:26128S44
Foxy Brown - Feat Blackstreet.mp3 5.403.06.06 11:51:43Foxy Brown - Feat BlackstreetFirm Biz Remix0:03:47
Foxy Brown - I'll Be Featuring Jay Z 12:01:56
R. Kelly - Dollar Bill.mp3 17:48:44R. KellyDollar Bill (f/Foxy Brown)003R./0:04:21
BadMammaJamma.mp3 3.704.04.11 06:14:07Foxy Brown & Dru HillBig Bad MamaHow To Be A Player Soundtrack0:03:52128S44
More Or Less Ft. Foxy Brown.mp3 6.704.08.10 04:07:32
Foxy Brown - I Need A Man (MTV Duets 3.604.04.06 20:52:020:03:50128S44
09 Ain't No Nigga .mp3 4.804.08.07 16:36:13Foxy Brown Featuring Jay-ZAin't No Nigga (Featuring Foxy1996Reasonable Doubt0000075E 00000020 0000713F0:04:03160S44
Jay-Z F. Foxy Brown - Ain't No Nigga 3.804.07.06 22:30:38Jay-Z F. Foxy BrownAin't No Nigga (Instrumental)BlackMusic-Radio.de0:04:02128S44