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Forty Psychic Frames - Hollow 2.804.02.04 23:48:01Forty Psychic FramesHollow Tip Bullet20030:02:56128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Double Deuce. 23:46:29Forty Psychic FramesDouble Deuce20040:03:31192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Haunted Hell. 00:00:39Forty Psychic FramesHaunted Hell20030:03:24160S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Savoir Faire. 5.604.02.04 23:50:00Forty Psychic FramesSavoir Faire2003Features DJ Dizzump and Poody of0:05:52128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Ignoble Words 3.804.02.04 23:48:20Forty Psychic FramesIgnoble Words20040:02:39192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Permanent Nei 3.304.02.04 23:48:41Forty Psychic FramesPermanent Neighborhood20030:02:46160S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Britney's Pun 1.304.02.04 23:46:06Forty Psychic FramesBritney's Punk'd Rap (Cover)2003Cover of a clip from "Punk'd" (M0:01:23128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - America's Nig 3.404.02.04 23:45:59Forty Psychic FramesAmerica's Nightmare2004
Forty Psychic Frames - Way Cool Prop 1.404.02.04 23:50:56Forty Psychic FramesWay Cool Propeller Time20030:01:27128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Enough With T 6.904.02.04 23:47:12Forty Psychic FramesEnough With The Singing Girl2003Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:04:50192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Poised To Kil 3.704.02.04 23:48:58Forty Psychic FramesPoised To Kill20040:02:37192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - That 5.704.02.05 23:48:57Forty Psychic FramesThat Fight2003Featuring DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:04:49160S44
Forty Psychic Frames - 3.604.02.04 23:47:48Forty Psychic FramesGangstaish2003Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit
Forty Psychic Frames - Benda.mp3 2.804.02.18 05:16:370:01:56192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Lip Sync (To 5.604.02.05 23:41:47Forty Psychic FramesLip Sync (To This Shit)20040:03:54192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Ye Olde Mix.m 23:51:23Forty Psychic FramesYe Ole Mix2003Forty Psychic Frames0:03:13128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Peep My Chees 1.604.02.04 23:48:27Forty Psychic FramesPeep My Cheese20030:01:46128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - 220 Headies.m 4.304.02.16 16:51:030:03:02192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - We Pay No Tol 2.404.02.04 23:51:06Forty Psychic FramesWe Pay No Toll20030:02:30128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Frames Of Fur 23:47:32Forty Psychic FramesFrames Of Fury2003Featuring DJ Dizzump of The Psyc0:03:26160S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Turkey With R 2.404.02.04 23:50:50Forty Psychic FramesTurkey With Rice20030:02:31128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Elite.mp3 2.904.02.04 23:46:42Forty Psychic FramesElite20040:02:03192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Psychic Tones 2.504.02.04 23:49:20Forty Psychic FramesPsychic Tones20040:01:45192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - A Day In The 4.604.02.04 23:45:45Forty Psychic FramesA Day In The Life2003Features DJ Dizzump of The Psych0:03:54160S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Third Semeste 3.804.02.04 23:50:39Forty Psychic FramesThird Semester20040:02:40192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Suge Ain't No 1.604.02.04 23:50:22Forty Psychic FramesSuge Ain't Nothin But A...2003Contains a selection from "Fuck0:01:44128S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Slow Motion.m 2.804.02.04 23:50:12Forty Psychic FramesSlow Motion20040:01:57192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Predicated Ab 16:41:48Forty Psychic FramesPredicated Abuse2004Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:03:37192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - True To Life. 16:44:51Forty Psychic FramesTrue To Life2004Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:03:36192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - 220 Headies.m 4.304.02.22 18:20:34Forty Psychic Frames220 Headies2004Features the Freestyles of DJ Di0:03:02192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - 16:35:29Forty Psychic FramesDissipated2004Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:02:58192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Excuse Me, Z. 5.404.03.05 16:38:40Forty Psychic FramesExcuse Me, Z2004Features DJ Dizzump and Xplicit0:03:47192S44
Forty Psychic Frames - Benda.mp3 2.804.02.22 18:22:11Forty Psychic FramesBenda2004
Enou.mp3 4.603.10.12 20:14:25Forty Psychic Frames Ft. DJ DizzEnough With The Singing Girl2003Forty Psychic Framesft. DJ Dizzump & Xpl0:04:50128S44

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